Book Review, For Better or For Worse

FBOFWFor Better or For Worse by Ingrid Nickelsen.
When one story ends, another begins. Evangeline lived a long fulfilling life. Loving mother and wife, she had everything she could wish for…until a tragic car accident took it all away from her. Awakening in a new world with the body of a young woman, Evangeline doesn’t remember anything about her life, not even her own name. Luckily she has godparents to help guide her in this new society of the dead. As she struggles to fit in, deep inside, she can sense something is missing, a part of her that she can’t recall. When a mysterious man claims he can help get her memory back if she agrees to keep their nocturnal meetings a secret, she can’t refuse. Everything about him screams trouble, but she can’t seem to stay away. Every moment spent with him makes her feel alive again. Is she really prepared to unveil her past completely, from beginning to end? Everything is not as it seems in her new found home, and her new life may also end in tragedy. Rest in fear, Evangeline.

Wow, what an interesting take on the afterlife. Imagine waking up after a strange journey, fairly certain you are dead, but with no memories as to why you should feel that way. You make your way through a beautiful setting to find a woman who can help you, and then a community to help you. It’s quiet, peaceful, and you’re certain that the afterlife will be wonderful. Then you find out that not all is as wonderful as it seems. What choices would you make for love?

For Better or For Worse is a vividly written tale set in a rich world with very interesting characters. There are several mysteries, including who, exactly is that strange wanderer and what does he want with the main character and why, oh why, is she so drawn to him. Another mystery, who are the godparents, and why do they keep secrets from their charges. Who are the wanderers and what will Evangeline’s final fate be? Can the dead be killed again? All of these and more are answered by the end of a very entertaining book and a unique view on the afterlife.

Author Bio:
Ingrid Nickelsen Ingrid is a 23-year-old French girl, college student, and dreamer. She currently resides in Paris, where she spends most of her time going to museums and the movies. Despite the romantic atmosphere in Montmartre, or even the fancy cafés in the Champs Elysées, she would easily trade it all for a nice walk in the woods with her schnauzer, Golden. She is always craving adventures, and finds that books are the cheapest way to travel to far-away lands. She is inwardly convinced that words have the power to heal the worst blisters on our hearts, or at least can make us forget about them for a little while. And sometimes, it is just enough to face another crazy day.

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