20% off Steampunk Trails 1

Steampunk Trails 1 is available now! And you can get your copy for 20% off if you order direct from the publisher. Use code: JLYARS87 at checkout.

You can also order from your favorite online retailer.

Steampunk Trails brings the world of steam and gadgets right to your fingertips. In this inaugural edition enter a world of machines with ill intent, hearts of gold, and evil. You will find assassins, unlikely heroes and people just trying to survive in a domain overrun by the establishment. Encounter places where mosquitoes are actually useful and airships dominate the skies. Presenting a special feature from Carrie Vaughn and illustrated stories by O. M. Grey, Quincy Allen, Henrik Ramsager, Lyn McConchie, Vivian Caethe, Sam Knight, Rhye Manhattan, Mike Cervantes and more

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2 Responses to 20% off Steampunk Trails 1

  1. Mardel says:

    OMGosh. I think I did this….but of course, now I’m doubting myself. figures. lol lookin’ good, Julie!

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