Book Release Party

IMG_4136 I had a great book release party at the park. Thank you everyone who came and helped out. It was wonderful. It was basically a potluck with books and signings and a little bit of silliness involved. I made everyone write a story when they signed in to the guest book. They each had to contribute a line to the story. *Grin*


The story follows the rest of the pictures.

I sold a bunch of books. Thank you! We had great food, and the doggies had a good time too. Kira was actually a little worn out when we got home. IMG_4147
We got lucky with the weather. It was a little overcast and we had a very quick micro burst of wind just as I was reading our story, which punctuated it quite nicely, then it cleared up and was nice again.



And my cake. Bobby made me the BEST CAKE EVER. One half was chocolate, and one half spice and both were awesome. She even put words from my book on the left and the scene on the right. So yums… I can’t really begin to express how much my friends’ support means to me. The effort everyone who helped went through to put this on with me. Bobby with the cake and table and last minute run for the plates I forgot, Kimberly provided her pavilion and helped plan, Vivian also helped plan and the Irish Sailor, as always, provided a lot of support and help with set up. And of course everyone who came to celebrate with me. Thank you all!

And here’s the story we created:
Once upon a time in a green grassy field, a field that seemed safe and secure, but wasn’t. A sultry wind stirred something more disturbing than wildflowers. While the birds had been singing their beautiful song, now there is only silence. Almost as if something colossal was about to hit, a sudden cold and unforgiving silence began. She shivered, partly with the chilled sweat but mostly with anticipation. She had spent days preparing herself. As the rain began she realized she had forgotten to shut the windows in her house. But then she laughed at herself. Soon rain in ther house – in anyone’s house – would matter not at all. For it would all soon be coming to an end, – and a new beginning.

“I think she means you should e grateful you’re alive.”

Her sister sat in the armchair a mournful presence in a mournful house. Her comment was punctuated by a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder although neither woman jumped at the sound.

By this time the sense of deepening and darkening gloom permeated the once peaceful home. The clouds burst and a cleansing rain slashed downward. The clouds parted and a beautiful rainbow appeared. They continued on their walk around enjoying the brilliance after the pending gloom of the day.

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4 Responses to Book Release Party

  1. That cake is wonderful, even with the spices :D. It sounds and looks like it was a great time!

  2. So glad that it turned out well… The cake is unreal – even though we (unfortunately) weren’t there to taste it, the effort that it must have taken to give it that look is just unbelievable. You have a great support group for sure, and well deserved!

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