Gunslingers and Ghost Stories on sale

And a couple of other bargains.

Most of you know that I have a story called “Saloon of Doom” in Gunslingers and Ghost Stories. And if you don’t know that, then you should… come on. LOL. This is Brown, Ghost-Hunting Dog’s debut story. Check it out!

For a limited time the publisher is offering a 40% discount on the print version.

From David Riley’s blog (he’s the publisher):
” Like ghost stories? Halloween’s coming up. Any reader of this blog can have a forty percent discount on Gunslingers & Ghost Stories through the end of September. You need to order direct from our distributor using the link and discount code below. Print edition only.

Ghosts are not just found in haunted houses. They have a disturbing tendency to turn up where you least expect them: like saloons, brothels, Indian ruins–and sometimes even in the middle of a gunfight. Saddle up for a haunted ride through the Wild West. Featuring spooky stories by Joel Jenkins, Dana Bell, Laura Givens, Henrik Ramsager, Kit Volker, Kenneth W. Cain, Adrian Ludens, C. J. Killmer, Darla Upchurch, John Howard & J. A. Campbell.


Enter discount code 2BWNDXLZ at checkout to get the 40% discount.”

Gunslingers and Ghost stories

And now for a couple of other bargains.

For the weekend, David Riley is offering the kindle version of his vampire book, The Brotherhood, for free. Can’t beat that. I haven’t read it but I’ve enjoyed his other stories and I’m looking forward to it.

And another bargain for Brown, Ghost-Hunting Dog lovers… Through September 30th you can get the kindle copy of Science Fiction Trails 10 for a buck. You have to order through the website, here: There are a lot of great stories in this collection including Brown vs. The Martians.

Funny story about that story… It came about when David sent me an email jokingly asking me how my Brown vs. The Martians story was coming… I hadn’t even thought of writing one, but instantly an idea popped into my mind. Yeah, I wrote it, and I think it’s a damn fine story. In all the reviews I’ve seen of SFT 10 it gets mentioned favorably.

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