Cover Reveal, Happily Ever Afterlife Anthology

You all know the classic Russian story of the Firebird. How this beautiful golden bird steals forbidden fruit and then is pursued, captured and sometimes there’s even a talking horse involved. Well, now you can read the real story. Coming in September, 2013 from Untold Press. The Baron and the Firebird in the Happily Ever Afterlife anthology.

Happy Afterlife
At first he couldn’t make out all the details for the bird blazed more golden than his cherries in the faint winter sunlight. Finally, she settled on a branch of his treasured tree. Pyotr wasn’t sure how he knew the bird was female, but there was no question in his mind. She was the size of a small pheasant with long tail feathers that draped behind her like a peacock’s, blazing with golds, oranges, and reds, and looking exactly like a hot fire. She tilted her delicate head and the tuft of feathers on top brushed a branch. Pyotr swore he saw a spark of light where the golden feathers touched the golden bark.

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7 Responses to Cover Reveal, Happily Ever Afterlife Anthology

  1. Amaleen Ison says:

    Love the cover for this. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on angelamcphersonblog and commented:

  3. Mardel says:

    Is the Firebird anything at all like the story that Patricia McKillip wrote? meaning is it possible her Cygnet book is based from this russian fairytale….

    love the tease. AND the cover. 🙂

    • Not sure actually. I think Russia is where the idea of the Firebird originates, so it might have some roots there. Looked online and the description on Amazon doesn’t quite seem to be the same as the fairy tale, but they may be related.


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