Cover Art for Sabaska’s Tale

I love it so much. Due out July 15th!
Sabaska's Tale eBook

Anna is a horse crazy teen who spends every summer out on her grandmother’s horse ranch in Colorado. When she gets the devastating news that her grandmother was killed in a car accident, she knows she’s the only one in the family who can properly care for and find good homes for the horses. Her parents allow her to spend the summer on the ranch. There Anna will discover a secret her grandmother kept from the entire family, and a legacy that will send her on more adventure than she ever thought possible.

Sabaska is more than a horse, and though Anna thought she was just a regular girl, together they will Travel between worlds in a fight against evil for their very survival.

This will be released in ebook first, that will give us time to find any remaining typos and get it fixed up before we put the print version out a few weeks later. *grin* Also, yes, that is my beautiful Sabaska on the cover. I think she would be proud.

On another note, there’s still time to enter the giveaway for a copy of Science Fiction Trails 10 that I’m doing along with my Brown, Ghost-Hunting Dog, blog tour:

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14 Responses to Cover Art for Sabaska’s Tale

  1. Oh, how incredibly beautiful! What a great testament to Sabaska.

  2. Amaleen says:

    This sounds like such a great story, Julie. Congratulations!! I was a horse crazy teen and so I have a soft spot for horse literature. Sabaska is beautiful. How wonderful that you have her on the cover. Makes it even more special.

  3. Impressive cover, have to say sounds like an even MORE impressive story. It’s a ‘must read 4 ME!

  4. Reblogged this on angelamcphersonblog and commented:
    Check out my friends cover for her upcoming book, Sabaska’s Tale! It’s so pretty 🙂

  5. kathils says:

    This cover is absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. Mardel says:

    I love that Sabaska is the Sabaska! Y’know what I mean, right? Beautiful horse, and she deserves to be on the cover, and the cover really does her justice. What a beautiful picture. Congratulations on this and getting your novel published. Can’t wait to read the final product. 🙂 You know I’ll be buying the print version when it comes out. 🙂

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