Triska Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything here, though if you follow me on Facebook (link on sidebar) you’ll see pictures of her more often. I switched to my English saddle so I can actually ride, have more contact, feel more comfortable and secure, etc. I was using the western saddle because it had a place to hang things. Now I don’t really need it.
Here’s the first Triska cam pic.


A couple more pics of me riding.

She got to graze the backyard a little too. 🙂 She thought that was grand.

I’ve been riding her down the street and she’s doing very well with that. We’ve done a little trotting as well as her confidence grows.

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12 Responses to Triska Update

  1. She looks happy. I’m so glad things are working out. 🙂

  2. Kim Marthens says:

    Oh that all rescue horses would have as fantastic a home as Ms. Triska has scored……Tons of thanks to you Julie for your kind caring and consistency w/ this little Arab mare!!!!

    • I still can’t believe I was lucky enough that she found me. Carole thank you!!! And to have two amazing horses in a row… who could be so lucky.

      I’m riding almost every day and it’s been great. (every once in a while life happens. lol)

  3. Kathy Luedtke (@4Mustangs4Ever) says:

    Good girl ~ Triska . So glad you and Julie found each other.

  4. Hi Julie, I am the one who originally rescued Triska. She was just under 3 years old and was nothing but a bag of bones, literally. It took a full year on a special diet to get her sound. I still have her sister and she is doing well also. I wanted you to know that she is a full blood Polish or Russian Arab. Her father’s stud fee was 10,000.00. Her Mother is her locally. I have been trying to get her papers for you but the people I got her from are too embarrassed at the way they starved her and don’t want to talk with me much.
    I am so glad that she has found you.
    Take care, Jim

    • Jim, thank you for commenting and letting me know this. It’s interesting as bits and pieces of her past come together. I don’t understand why anyone would starve a horse, let alone pay that much money for one and then starve her. I do hope you get her papers. I’m really curious to see her bloodlines (promise that’s the only reason, I’d love to have them but I’m not going to breed her). You don’t happen to remember the stud’s name do you? Or Triska’s registered name?

      Thank you!

  5. Gareth says:

    Great to see you’ve got a new friend that seems to fit in very well. Hi ho Triska Away!!!! LOL

  6. Hi Julie, Sorry to be so long in answering. I have the bill of sale for Trishka and will be sending it to the rescue folks. Her registered name is Patrischka. Jim

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