First “ride”

IMG_3776 Well, I finally got on her. We couldn’t do much over the week so when I put her on the longe line she was a goofball, but she settled down at the end and then the Irish Sailor came over and held her while I got on her. First I put weight in the stirrups and jumped like I was going to get on and did this from both sides. She wasn’t too concerned so I patted her all over and did it again. Then I laid across her back from both sides, talking to her and patting her all over. She was pretty chill about that too.IMG_3773 Then, finally I got on like a “normal” person and sat there for a while, then moved around and patted her all over and even flapped my arms a bit. After that I had the Irish Sailor lead us and back us and all that. You’ll notice in the pictures I’m holding the leadrope and not the reins. I haven’t worked enough with her on using the bit, but she is very responsive to the halter so right now I’m just letting her carry the bit and we’ll work on that later. After I was pretty comfortable with that I got off and got the camera, then I had my Irish Sailor take some pics before I got off and called it good. Short and Sweet is the way to go sometimes.IMG_3775

Kira thinks she worked hard too.

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2 Responses to First “ride”

  1. Kathy Luedtke (@4Mustangs4Ever) says:

    Love your approach ~ how wonderful that you found each other. Makes my heart smile.

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