Triska Update

DSC01400Triska is settling in well. I was hoping to ride this weekend but a car accident (I got rearended at work, sore but not hurt, no one was, and not my fault by any stretch of the imagination) and the wind today nixed that idea, so hopefully next weekend.

We’ve been doing a lot of longe line work done with her and she’s responding very well. We’re getting used to each other and I think she might even like me. We’d be further along except for the crazy frigging weather. Last week snow and a low of 6 degrees F one night. This week snow and a low of 3 deg F with a windchill of -9 possible. WTF Colorado? Really? We’re actually supposed to have three days of snow for up to 21 inches. It’s FRIGGING APRIL!!! Anyway… Snow isn’t so unusual I suppose but the massive cold is. It barely got that cold all winter.

Anyway, I’ve also taken Triska on several walks down the road and she doesn’t care at all about cars. That’s super nice. Can’t wait to get on.

Here’s some pics. These were all taken by Tanya Dewey.
DSC01386 Standing nicely to get saddled.


DSC01418 Oh and I don’t actually ride western all that often, but it’s a good saddle to use to get her used to weight on her back.

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2 Responses to Triska Update

  1. jlwylie says:

    She’s so beautiful! So happy to hear how well she is doing! 😀

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