It’s Weird Western Gunfight Week

Head over to David B. Riley’s blog. He’s an author and publisher of Science Fiction Trails. This week he’s hosting weird western gunfight week and he’s got a bunch of fun stories up to share. Here’s my weird western gunfight.

This is from my upcoming story in Science Fiction Trails 10, Brown Vs the Martians.

“They know we’ve escaped! Hurry,” Seija said.
We ran, but Martians blocked our path, shouting in their language.
“I don’t want to hurt you,” Elliott shouted, pointing the light gun at them.
The Martians shot at us.
“Okay, I lied. I do.” Elliott returned fire as we retreated down the hallway. I heard a few Martians scream.
Several came up behind us, but I barked a warning and attacked them. They weren’t expecting it and one of them shot his partner while trying to hit me. I tackled the third to the ground. His head hit hard and he went still. The other stared at me, looking surprised. I snarled and ran into his legs. He fell on top of me and a buzzing light hit him. He jerked, dead.
Elliott shot at another Martian that came up behind me and turned back to the others.
I wagged my tail.
“Brown, let’s go!” Elliott shouted.
Elliott had managed to clear a path and we ran for the ship. He fired the light gun and I knocked down a few more Martians who tried to sneak up behind us.
We ran out into the big open space with all the ships, going as fast as Elliott and Seija could run. Seija was bleeding again, but she didn’t complain. Asa’s feet bled too, leaving blue paw prints, but we were almost there.
More Martians ran out, firing their light guns and one hit Elliott in the arm. He stumbled and I lost my mind. I charged the Martian, barking as loudly as I could. The Martian’s eyes went wide and he ran. I grabbed his ankle and he sprawled out on the ground, light gun sliding away. He rolled over and I pounced on the Martian’s chest, clamping my teeth around his neck and tearing. Martian blood was even greener than their skin and it tasted terrible.
That Martian gurgled and died. I wrinkled my lips at the nasty blood all over me.
“Brown!” Elliott shouted.
I ran to the ship, passing several dead or injured Martians from Elliott’s light gun. I got on board and the ramp closed. I heard the buzzing light a few more times and then the ship clanked and grumbled and I thought we were in the air.


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