My review of Witchhunt of the Blood by Devin O’Branagan

WHotbSmallWEBWitchhunt of the Blood is the follow-up series of stories to Devin O’Branagan novel Witchhunt. This anthology is a collection of stories compiled by Devin O’Branagan and written by Devin O’Branagan, Susan Hayes Campbell, Keri Lake, K. L. Schwengel and Kristen Walsh.

The first novella is called Of the Blood of Witches and it’s by Devin O’Branagan. It’s set in England in 1940 during the second world war and follows a family of witches as they try to keep the Germans from overrunning England and assists in evacuating hundreds of English troops from Dunkirk. Devin O’Branagan’s novella tells the tale of love, betrayal, loyalty to family and country, and sacrifice. Ms. O’Branagan’s characters are always vivid and highly entertaining and this was an excellent novella.

Circle Unbroken by Krista Walsh is the second novella and is set in New York in 1702. It follows the story of Bridget Hawthorne and Rebekah several years after the Salem trials in which they were incarcerated. It shows the struggle as Bridget still tries to adapt to normal life. She misses her sister prissy and while she’s grateful to those who care for her she doesn’t want anyone else to rule her life. She turns to her craft to try and answer her questions and the love of of her family and friends helps her find her way.

The next novella Shadows of Dreams by Susan Hayes Campbell follows prissy’s tale after her escape from the Salem witch trials and then her escape from her benefactors the same people who are caring for Bridget and Rebekah in the novella mentioned above. Severely damaged by her experiences in trials she finds solace with a boy her age named Jacob. This is a tale of love and courage and new beginnings.

The Vanishing by Keri Lake follows the story of a female doctor in 1918 during World War I during a flu pandemic. Miranda has never met another of her kind, another witch, and her world is turned upside down when she finally meets the man of her dreams and other doctor who also happens to be engaged to the Mayor’s daughter. She does what she can to help the people who contract the flu pandemic and finds out that sometimes favors aren’t repaid kindly.

The last novella Blood Tells All by K. L.Schwengel is set in Colorado in the late 20th century. It follows the story of the modern Hawthorne family and the Berris family. The main character Julia hopes to help her family and the Hawthorns find their way back to the true meaning of witchcraft and a true connection to the earth and the Goddess. She and her husband battle family jealousy and years of selfishness, and they pay the ultimate price to protect their newborn child against that jealousy.

I really enjoyed all the novellas in this anthology. It was well-written, well edited, and while the cover is gorgeous. This is a long-awaited further look into the lives and stories of the witches written about in Devin O’Branagan’s novel witchhunt. I highly recommend this anthology to any fan of Devin’s, anyone who is interested in the occult or witchcraft, or anyone who loves a good historical tale. The stories were well researched and highly enjoyable.


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