New Release – Serpent Queen

Serpent Queen – Sky Yarns #1 (This is my first steampunk novella, it’s not specifically young adult.)
Serpent Queen Online Cover2Aether gas: lighter than air, and more valuable than gold. It gives the mighty airships the ability to fly. Without it, the delicate balance between magic, technology, and nations would crumble.

The pirate ship Serpent Queen doesn’t much care for the balance of nations, except when it affects her profit. So when Captain Adair is hired to smuggle a load of aether gas into Tribunal lands for a rebel group, the crew is happy to do it-as long as they get paid.

It’s a bonus that most of them have been wronged by the Tribunal in the past and this may be a way to unbalance the tyrants.

“An amazing cast of characters…and airships. What more could you ask for? The Serpent Queen is a must read for steampunk lovers.” Jen Wylie author of Broken Aro

“It’s like Firefly but with vampires and steam engines!” S.N. Holl

Inkwolf Press
Amazon UK

Amazon UK

Serpent Queen 2

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4 Responses to New Release – Serpent Queen

  1. jlwylie says:

    Congrats on the new release!!!

  2. Debbie Hammes says:

    hi honey sorry we don’t respond enough but we do love ya and congratulations on your writings merry xmas uncle mark aunt deb


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