Review of Flashy Fiction 2 and Other Insane Tales

After Ms. Wylie and Mr. Hayden’s successful Flashy Fiction 1, they decided to do a second one. I really enjoyed the first one, and was very glad for a chance to read and review the second. In this installment several stories have something in common, such as Firefiles by Ms. Wylie and Security by Mr. Hayden. They both involve fireflies and the paranormal, but they are vastly different tales. Some don’t have counterpart stories, like Shadow of Innocence is the only unicorn story. Some of the stories are longer, some shorter but all quite well written and entertaining. A few are rather horrific and some are tear jerkers.

My favorites are Fireflies and Security and Shadow of Innocence. I love fireflies and these stories are intriguing and twisted takes on the little bugs. I’m a sucker for badass unicorn stories and Shadow of Innocence satiates that desire perfectly.

I highly recommend this collection to lovers of twisted, dark fantasy of all sorts and lovers of short stories.

Flashy Fiction and Other Insane Tales 2


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