Gunslingers and Ghost Stories – New Release

Wow, all sorts of new stuff. This one’s out early, would make a great stocking stuffer as it’s in print. I’ve only read my story so I’m not sure what age groups the other stories fall under, but mine is at the same level as the Doc stories.

The Saloon of Doom, in the Gunslingers and Ghost Stories anthology.
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Brown is a Border Collie who hunts ghosts with her human, Elliott.

“You sure you fight ghosts? This ‘un is a mean ‘un,” someone in the crowd shouted.
“Of course, fine sir. Brown caught one herself just last week. It’s that Border Collie Eye….”
I didn’t remember that ghost, but I barked once in agreement anyway. That got a few more claps.
“If the individual who summoned me would step forward, I’d like to get to work right away. The sooner we dispatch the foul creature, the sooner you gentlefolks can get back to your lives.”
The Sheriff stepped forward and touched the brim of his hat. “That’d be me, Mr. Gyles.”
My human’s scent changed slightly to sour nervousness.
“Nice to meet you.” My human jumped down from the bench and held out his hand to the Sheriff.
“Luke Tolbert.” The sheriff smelled of horses, gun oil, and dog. A star shone from his vest, and unlike Elliott, he had a wide brimmed hat on his head. Elliott’s hat was round and didn’t have much of a brim. His hair was darker and shorter than Elliott’s. He had a kind smile when he looked at me.
“Let me grab my instruments and we’ll take a look.” Elliott grabbed his hunting bag.
I jumped off the seat and followed them down the street between rows of buildings. Unlike back home in the city, this street was quiet and mostly empty.
“Never seen a dog quite like yours. She really hunt ghosts?”
“Of course, Sheriff, and she works sheep. She’s a Border Collie from the old country.”

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2 Responses to Gunslingers and Ghost Stories – New Release

  1. T. James says:

    Another release! Well done. I love the cover – really evokes the Old West.

    I was wondering how good Brown was with the traditional spittoon? Load her up with Holy Water and it could come in useful… 😉

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