The Saloon of Doom

It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t said nearly enough about my upcoming short story in the Gunslingers and Ghost Stories antholgoy, so here’s the low down.

Anthology: Gunslingers and Ghost Stories Format: Print for sure, Ebook a strong possibility. All the stories will be between 1,000 and 7,000 words.

Timescape Books, an imprint of Science Fiction Trails

Editor David Riley

Release Date December, 1st 2012 (the perfect holiday gift!)

I don’t have a list of authors yet other than me 🙂

The Saloon of Doom – A Brown, Ghost-Hunting Dog story.

The Saloon of Doom is about Brown, a Border Collie who hunts ghosts with her human, Elliott. It takes place in the fictional town of Miller, Colorado and is set in 1900. Those of you familiar with Doc might recognize Miller, Colorado from his story, The Moths of Miller Place… it’s the same town 🙂 Brown is Doc’s ancestor.


“Never seen a dog quite like yours. She really hunt ghosts?”

“Of course, Sheriff, and she works sheep. She’s a Border Collie from the old country.”

“Huh. Brown’s not too original of a name for a brown and white dog.”

Elliott shrugged.

I raised my hackles and growled when a local dog trotted over.

He was some sort of blue colored cattle dog. He wagged his tail but didn’t invade my space.

“Hi. I heard that you’re here ‘bout our ghost.”


“It’s a bad ‘un. Chased everyone outta the saloon every night last week.” The dog looked around then whispered conspiratorially. “Even Willy, the town drunk. Had him swearing he’d give up the drink. Heard it from the Alley Cat.”

I sniffed delicately. “Ghosts aren’t dangerous. They just scare people.”

The dog gave me a disbelieving look. He shook his whole body as if to rid himself of an itch. “If you say so. Got an old fish, says you’re wrong.”

I wrinkled my nose. “What would I want with an old fish?”

The cattle dog tilted his head. “City dog, ain’t ya?”

I nodded.

“Well, you’ve been warned. Take care.” He loped off before I could respond.

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6 Responses to The Saloon of Doom

  1. Congrats on getting another story published!

  2. Heidi/Akeyla says:

    That was funny, will look for the book when it comes out. Congratulations on getting published! Sometimes the simplest names just make the most sense! My stepdad had a cat that he called ‘Cat’, haha!

  3. Mardel says:

    ha! city dogs! don’t know good eats when they smell ’em. 😉

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