Wolf Sanctuary Fund Raiser Update and stuff

Well, we’re well into August… um, no, August is almost over… sheesh. I know I’ve been pretty quiet recently, that’s because I’ve been super busy. What I’ve been up too: Work… work is the big one. I’ve been pulling a ton of OT which is nice, but also takes up a lot of writing time. In my spare time I’ve been working with Kira for her Herding Awesomeness (caps of course) and riding my horse, who seems to be getting over her cough, finally. I have spent a ton of time working on writing as well, but unfortunately that means very little time left to blog, hence the long radio silence.

Earlier this month I went to the Denver County Fair to do a signing at their first ever geek pavilion. It was pretty cool. They had steampunks everywhere, zombie pageants, the Imperial Troopers of the 501st, aka Vader’s Fist, showed up. The 501st and their counterparts the Rebel Legion are a non-profit charity organization that generally tries to make kids happy. Imperial Troopers… who’d a thunk it huh? Anyway, one of these days I think I’d like to join them but not yet as I don’t have time. The signing went well. I sold 7 books and my books are now available at the Broadway Book Mall in Denver. The address is on the front page of my website if you are interested. http://www.writerjacampbell.com.

That brings me to my Doc update. Together we’ve raised $19.51 for the Wolf Sanctuary. Spread the word, see if we can at least double that by the end of October! I’ll also have more Doc stories up soon. I’m hoping to get one mostly completed tonight. *Crosses fingers* The story is done I just need to do final edits and work on cover art.

I’ll work on a post detailing Kira’s exploits at the Larimer County Fair this next week. She did awesome at her herding event.

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