Summer Break Blues

Just a quick update, I’m writing away on lots of projects, but I saw a potential cover for Summer Break Blues and I LOVE it. I can’t wait to share.

Work on my Seampunk Novella is going well… in fact so well that I’m done with the rough draft 🙂 Me and my partner in writerly doom S.N Holl have tons of plans for this world, and they’re going well. A teaser… just for you 🙂

From The World of Three: Serpent Queen

There was very little I loved more than my Serpent Queen, except maybe for the remarkable woman I’d named my ship for. She was a dragon class airship and didn’t have a dirigible balloon. Her aether gas was stored in the hull and in the special paint that went on the steerage wings. She had sleek, swept back sails to assist the steerage and was far faster and maneuverable than the zeppelin class ships. She was also more easily defended as we didn’t have to worry about a dirigible. If our tanks were punctured, the gas would stay in the hull longer and keep us from crashing to the ground, in theory. I’d see it work in practice and I’d see it fail in practice.

yay airships… lol.

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2 Responses to Summer Break Blues

  1. Gareth says:

    LOL, yep the fun of the dirigble. Funnily enough I’m writing a Steampunk project of my own with some interesting twists and a few things that hopefully people won’t see coming, although I suspect mines going to be more Quartermaine than anything else. LOL

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