Doc, Vampire-Hunting Dog

I’ve been pretty busy recently and have neglected my blog, housework, pretty much everything. Fortunately my boyfriend is home to take up the slack. The house would be a mess and I’d be very underfed without him. Beyond work being busy this time of year, I’ve been working on lots of writing stuff. One of my big projects was to get my Doc Novella published through my small press, Inkwolf Press. This effort took a ton of work from my graphic artist, S.N. Holl, my editor, Allie O’Connor, my good friend Devin O’Branagan, who knows how to format, and of course my time as well. Not to mention Tammy and Mardel who beta read my novella and of course everyone else who read all the stories I put up for free. Thank you all so much for encouraging me to keep writing Doc’s story. It’s super fun.
Here’s the final result – his first (hopefully of many) novella.
You can find it on Amazon (soon also in print), Amazon UK, and Barnes and Noble right now. I’ll have it up on Smashwords evetually as well.

For those of you who don’t know Doc, here’s the description:

Doc is a Border Collie who hunts vampires with his human, Kevin. In this adventure they face their first fight and their most dangerous foe. It’s man’s best friend vs. his worst enemy…

There are still free stories up. Go check them out 🙂

Oh and just a hint. Ebooks make great Kindle/Nook stuffers. If you’re giving an ereader as a gift, why not stuff it with a few stories to get the lucky person started.

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4 Responses to Doc, Vampire-Hunting Dog

  1. I’m so excited to see this book released! I remember when Doc was born as an award-winning flash story at my forum. It won the grand prize after six rounds in a vampire-themed contest. It was a superb story with a clever concept, as is the novel. Everyone needs to read this book! As I’ve said before, Doc is a new breed of superhero with an eye for adventure!

  2. Tina Marie Frawley says:

    Love it! Unfortunately, I’m just reminded how lazy our dog is….He won’t even fetch a ball (and he’s a lab retriever!) let alone hunt vampires. I might have to read this to him….

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