Tuesday Teaser

oooh, guess what? I have a new Doc story. It still needs some work but I hope to have it up for a Halloween treat for everyone. I’ve added a few extra characters too. This story started out after I watched Deadliest Warrior Vampires vs. Zombies and decided I wanted to write my own version of vampires fighting zombies. Naturally I decided to write a story about Kat, one of my oldest and best and most favoritest characters ever. She’s a vampire of course. Some of you may remember the “interview” I did with her and Doc a while back.

Then I decided I wanted to write a Doc story for this Halloween to keep up with last year’s story. Finally I figured why the hell not kill two birds with one stone (two zombies with one axe?) and write one with both of them in it. Doc’s world does not preclude Kat and Kat’s world doesn’t preclude Doc so it worked out okay. It was a challenge writing a story from two points of view that are both told in 1st person, however I’ve been told it turned out well. I need to flesh out the end just a little and polish it up. Shouldn’t be to hard to get it done for Halloween.

Teaser from Kat’s POV

I wasn’t used to being afraid, but I felt the icy tread of fear tangle its way through my limbs. I turned another corner and stopped in my tracks. Jin ran into my back and squeaked in terror.

Teaser from Doc’s POV

I whined, flattening my ears against my head and staring at the door, my hackles rising. Something smelled horrible.

“What’s wrong Doc?”

I glanced at Kevin, my human, and then back at the door. I couldn’t understand how he couldn’t smell the rotting, dead smell. It wasn’t like the wonderfully smelly scent of a dead squirrel, or the dusty smell of a dead-thing. It burned my nose and made me want to hide. I crept forward and scratched the door, then scooted backward.


And just because I can: A little promo for a few local bands I just had the pleasure of seeing live at the Gothic in Denver. If you like Metal you’ll want to check out Havok. They’re a local band that has gone national. Actually international as they have a European tour coming up.

And an up and coming band that was one of the opening bands is Dissonance in Design. They have great sound, great presence and great passion. I can’t wait to see where this band goes.

And finally a plug for myself if you’ve read this far down into my post 🙂 The last two Into the West novellas should be out soon. I hope that #5 will be out in November. Don’t forget Senior Year Bites is already out, has been for a while, and if you haven’t bought and read it yet, you should! Why? Cause it rocks of course…

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