Tuesday Teaser

A little happy news. Apparently one of my super awesome Beta readers couldn’t put Summer Break Blues, the sequel to Senior Year Bites, down. That made me happy. She had some really great suggestions too. Thanks Tammy! I’m muchly relieved… writing a sequel is tough. I have written a few blog posts about sequels, but I have another one planned for either this Friday or next.

On other news I’m making an Airship Pirate costume with the help of the Irish Sailor. We scored big time at the thrift store and I’m really excited about it. I’ll have pictures and a post as soon as it’s done.

On a last odd note, I’m getting spammed by home cleaners… how odd is that? They apparently really like my very sophisticated blog though. LOL. Right…

Anyway here’s your teaser. This is from my Nightmare novel. As always, if you’d like to post a few lines of your own teaser, feel free.

I tried to avoid Quinn for the rest of the night; attempting to make it seem natural but knowing I failed. Every time he started toward me I had to force myself not to outright bolt, but I did find an excuse to move to somewhere else.

Finally I saw him talk briefly to Elizabeth then head to the refreshment table. He picked up one of the remaining apples that I had been slowly devouring, clenched it in his fist then scanned the crowd.

I almost went and hid. That was playing dirty.

“Mara,” he said, tossing the apple in the air.

I forced myself not to follow the rise and fall of the round, delicious fruit – focusing instead on his face.


“Why are you avoiding me?”

“I’m not.” I lied.

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4 Responses to Tuesday Teaser

  1. CDNWMN says:

    Loved the teaser! lol, can’t wait for this one too. I love reading your work Julie, you have such a great voice that’s all your own. SBB is going to be so well recieved, totally worth the wait. And cannot wait to see pics of your costume. I’m totally lost. hehe! 🙂

  2. sallyawolf says:

    My Tuesday teaser is from my upcoming Matilda the Sock Monkey Diary
    In “Show Dog Sings The Blues” Talisman finds courage that she never thought she had. Everyday, we come across real extraordinary creatures that find the courage to survive under insurmountable odds. Recently I have had the pleasure of meting Sassy the blind Basset Hound and her person Sarah. They have graciously agreed to visit with me to tell us their remarkable story.

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