Book Review, Ushers INC

I don’t do them very often, but now and again a book stands out that I just have to tell people about. This is one of them. Check out Ushers INC by Rusty Fisher

B-Horror Movie fans rejoice. This book is for you! And everyone else who likes good, fun young adult urban fantasy. A touch of campyness combines with great characters and excellent writing to give readers a fun, fast paced story.

The main characters start as normal movie ushers at a theater dedicated to B-Horror movies. Then a zombie outbreak turns them into heroes. They are able to use their B-movie knowledge to defeat the zombies and make the news. They decide to capitalize on this to form Ushers Inc, and fight local supernatural crime.

Then the supernatural world decides to fight back. They tangle with werewolves, vampires and zombies using some serious ingenuity to save the day.

I highly recommend this fast paced read. 5 stars!

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