Tuesday Teaser

This is from Summer Break Blues. I’m close to 35K last time I checked the word counter!

Steph threw her hands up in the air, winced, and sank back into the couch. “Great, just wonderful. So now we have Seelie, Vampires, probably Selkie, and who knows what else trying to kill us, and Ann is missing and we still have no clue where to look for her parents.”
“Yeah, that’s about it I think.” I tried to hide my amusement. Unflappable Steph was finally starting to freak out about something. It had taken quite a bit, but she’d finally started to lose her cool.

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8 Responses to Tuesday Teaser

  1. CDNWMN says:

    Your teasers are torture! Not fair!!!! I wantz is all!!!!!

  2. Hahahaha, hopefully very soon 🙂

  3. Agreed!!

    Btw, your “About the author” page may be one of the most entertaining bios I’ve ever read.

  4. Mardel says:

    I’m so behind on commenting – but love the teases for SBB. (Finally remembering the name of the book, also. LOL)

  5. Sally A Wolf says:

    I have to say that I love your writing I don’t know what it is but it has flow like nothing I have ever read before.

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