Friday Tease

Switching it up a little. Pictures on Tuesday, teaser on Friday 🙂 Hopefully next Tuesday I’ll have some pictures of Kira’s first flyball demo. And eventually I’ll get back to blogging about writing. I am actually writing quite a bit right now. I think I’m almost halfway done with Summer Break Blues, the sequel to Senior Year Bites.

Here is a teaser from SBB. Rough draft version of course.

“Meg!” Ann yelled. I slammed on the breaks and the impact that would have hit her, hit the front end of my Jeep instead, sending us into a spin. Somehow I managed to keep us upright as we spun off the road. We stopped with a sickening metallic crunch and suddenly I had a lot more sympathy for the guy in the van I had crushed as my Jeep’s front end folded around a large tree.

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2 Responses to Friday Tease

  1. Mardel says:

    Love the tease…this one is going to be as good if not better than SYB!

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