Friday stuff

So, not much of a blog today, just a few updates and such.

I’m almost done with Into the West #6. It’s been a fun ride, but I’m ready to dive back into the sequels to Senior Year Bites and Tales of the Travelers #1 Arabian Dreams. The series title of SYB is tentatively The Clanless and the working title for the sequel is Summer Break Blues. The working title for Tales of the Travelers #2 is, wait for it… Arabian Dreams 2. Hahahaha. Which really means, I have no frigging idea what I’m going to call it. I have some time yet.

I also have plans for a Doc Novella that I would like to have out in September. I want a hard copy of something to take with me to MileHi Con. I hope to go this year šŸ™‚ I might even take CD’s with Into the West on it and Senior Year Bites, but we will have to see.

Okay, enough with the random updates. Here are some reminders. Oh, and you all rock. Thank you so much for all your support over the last few months (and years in many cases).

Don’t forget you have until Sunday Midnight US Mountain time to enter to win a ecopy of Senior Year Bites at Terri-Lynne DeFino’s blog.

You have until Monday in England to leave a comment at Karen Mahoney’s blog for another chance to win an ecopy of Senior Year Bites.

The Decadent Blog Stomp stop is at Sassy Book Lovers today. Leave a comment to win a copy of the book they are reviewing and for the grand prizes which will be drawn at the end of the month.

Don’t forget you can now buy Desert Dreams, Into the West #4. (Scroll down for links)

And of course you can buy Senior Year Bites. My very first novel ever… you know you want too. LOL.

If you want updates sent straight to your email you can do two things. You can subscribe to this blog. There is a link in the left sidebar toward the bottom. It will send my blog posts to your email. I usually do two to three a week, so if you don’t want to hear from me that much you have another option. I have a news letter here: It’s a yahoo group, but I have it set up so only I can email on it. It’s a newsletter only and I send out updates at most once a month unless something really cool is happening.

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10 Responses to Friday stuff

  1. Anne Michaud says:

    Well, no lazying around for you, Miss Campbell! Can’t wait to read your views on writing a sequel–or sequels, more accordingly:)

    • LOL, actually that’s a really good idea for a blog post. I’ve already written two sequels… They are very different from writing the main novel. Oh, and I guess technically all the short stories are sequels of the first one. A little different though.

      I’ll work on it. Thanks! Hmm… maybe I’ll do it for next Tuesday’s guest post.

  2. You’ve got a lot going on that’s for sure šŸ˜‰ Good luck with everything!

  3. You have had a wild ride lately Julie, and its about time. You’ve worked very hard to accomplish all of this and its finally paying off for you and I’m happy for you. You deserve it. Can’t wait to see what you come out with next, but I know it’ll be great. You’re a good writer, and this is just the beginning of a long and rewarding career for you. Doesn’t look like vacation time for you anytime soon. šŸ™‚

  4. Sally A Wolf says:

    I wish there was a contest for the rest of the Into the West series I love them so much! You my dear are a wonderful writer!

  5. Gareth says:

    As they say in horse parlance, enjoy the ride and don’t let the bronco buck you.

    I really need to get that E-Reader.

  6. diannewaye says:

    I’m with Anne – I want to read your views on writing sequels.

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