Tuesday Tease me + stuff

Okay, a few housekeeping things. The Decadent Blog Stomp is going on all month. Leaving a comment at any of the blogs enters you to win the prizes. The biggest prize is a Kindle loaded with Decadent books, including mine 🙂 You can find a list of stops here.

Today I have a guest post at Suzanne McLeod’s blog. She was kind enough to host a stop on my blog tour. Today is also the Blog Stomp stop at Julie Patricka‘s blog. Tomorrow we’re having a chat with the authors here at 9pm EST.

Friday I’ll have a guest blogger. Devin O’Branagan is going to talk about her experiences with traditional and self publishing.

Hope to see you at some of those stops!

And here’s your teaser. This is from Into the West, #6 (rough draft, please forgive any roughness. lol)

Rowe and Dave’s horses ran slightly behind her. Angie was to her other side and ahead by a stride. Behind was an entire posse of Matherson’s men. Apparently the thugs from Flagstaff had gotten help. Dave’s friends weren’t supposed to meet them for another half a day, so right now they were on their own.

As always, if you’d like to post up to ten lines from your own work in progress or something you’re reading (tell us who the author is) please do so.

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