Tuesday Teaser

Okydokie Something a little different this week. I’m going to post a teaser, but I’d like to invite you all to post a teaser as well. One or two lines from something you’re working on if you happen to be a writer. If you’re not a writer, post a book title, could be a book you’re currently reading, or one you really love. You may also post your blog url if you’d like so that people can find out more about you.

This one is from Into the West #5. It doesn’t have a title yet, but it is almost done.

“I can’t believe he let you come.” Tina glanced at Rowe while she drove toward Flagstaff.

The cowboy shrugged. “I promised to behave. He made me leave my gun at his place though.” Rowe sounded uncomfortable about that.

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4 Responses to Tuesday Teaser

  1. “Someday, Glory Templeton, your name will be legend.”


  2. Good line Devin 🙂

  3. Sally A Wolf says:

    “How do they expect me to make a grand feast in this mess.” the chief shouted and threw another plate. Ally got up on her knees and peeked over the counter. She cleared her throat and braced for impact.
    “Who are you and what are you doing in my kitchen?” he demanded. Ally stood and said as politely as she could muster. “I need a tea service for two please.” the chief looked at her like she was an alien and then threw his hands in the air.
    “If you want a tea party you make one yourself!” He said and stormed off opening the nearest door which Ally saw was just a broom closet went inside and closed the door.


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