Tuesday Teaser with J. A. Campbell

For anyone who isn’t familiar, a Tuesday Teaser is where I post a snippet of something I’ve written. Sometimes this will be a work in progress, sometimes something old that I’ll probably never touch again, and sometimes it’s somewhere in between. Today’s teaser is from the second Tales of the Travelers (aka Arabian Dreams) novel.

“You have the most boring life,” a faint voice said in Anna’s ear.

Anna straightened from her hunched position over the math test and looked wildly around herself.

“Right here,” the voice said again.

Anna looked, and shrieked as a gray man solidified next to her in the isle way. Her pencil snapped in her hand and she picked up one of the broken ends and held it like a weapon.

“Now, is that anyway to treat an old friend.”

Anna stared at the gray man a little longer, took in the tight pants, belt full of pouches and the cloak and she sighed. That she could see through him should have been her first clue.

“Anna, is there a problem?” her math teacher said sounding annoyed.

Anna looked around. The entire class stared at her. “Uh.” She glanced at David, the ghost, and then back at the class.

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