It’s Tuesday, here’s your teaser.

I raced after the ball, ears held tight against my head. It bounced. I jumped and snapped the ball out of the air. I was already turning back to Kevin by the time my feet hit the ground and I reached him in record time. It was so good to be out in the country again.

My human picked up the ball and threw it. I leapt after it once again. This time it stopped bouncing before I reached it. I picked it up, then stopped, a scent catching my attention.


I growled and dropped the ball.

“Doc, what’s wrong boy?”

I ignored Kevin and continued to sniff, hackles rising at the dead thing’s scent. It was old, but fresh enough that the thing could still be in the area.

“Doc, what’s wrong?” My human jogged up to my side.

I growled and pawed the ground.

“Is it a vampire?”

I stared up at him, meeting his eyes with my own and growled once.

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