Book Review First Flight by Sean and Connor Hayden

The Magnificent Steam Carnival of Professor Pelusian Minus #1 First Flight by Sean and Connor Hayden.

First flight is the first in Sean and Connor’s series of Electric Shorts geared towards teen readers. It’s about two twins, stolen as children because of their talent with mechanical things. They’ve been raised in Professor Minus’s Steam Carnival, though they constantly plot their escape.

This story is a Steampunk of grand proportions. Readers will love to read about the twins as they create fascinating mechanical objects from spare scraps and gears, keep the carnival’s equipment running and try to outwit the Professor and escape captivity. The story is fast paced and engaging and I stayed up reading it until I was done.

Sean has several stories under his belt, but this is the first one he’s written with his young son Connor. They make a great team.

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