Tuesday Teaser with J. A. Campbell

It’s Tuesday you say? Well, so it is… so here’s your teaser… a little late. Sorry!

This is from Into the West, Westward, Yo!


“Besides, it’s getting late. Not real safe to travel these
lands when you can’t see. I took a closer look at that calf.
Not familiar with the breed, might not be ours, but odd that
it has our brand. What kind is it?”

“Uh, cows have breeds?”

Rowe looked at her like she had two heads. “You’re
working cows and you don’t know their breeds?”

“Look,” Tina said, finally getting angry. “I’m from
New Jersey. My dad dragged us all out here a few days
ago. Pete Taggart invited me on a cattle drive and a coyote
scared this calf. I don’t know anything about cows, or
deserts, or flash floods, or cowboys. I just know about
makeup and clothes and malls and I want to go home!” She
sobbed as she screamed at Rowe. “So you can take your
cattle and shove it!”

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