Book Review The Forgotten Echo by Jen Wylie

The Forgotten Echo by Jen Wylie is an intriguing glimpse into a world that is like ours, but not. Sometimes when people die, instead of passing on, they become an Echo, servants to powerful individuals who keep them bound to the mortal plane.


Cassy is having a bad day, but she didn’t expect to die at the end of it. She is an innocent bystander in a drive by shooting. A stranger comes to her as she is dieing, offering to keep her from passing on. She accepts, though she still dies and her “benefactor” disappears. She wanders the world, lost and confused until she meets another of her kind and learns what she really is.


Ms. Wylie writes a fast paced entertaining short story that kept me reading from start to finish. Her world is intriguing and I can’t wait to read more in the series.

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