Review – Meant to Be by Tiffany King

Meant to Be by Tiffany King

Krista Miller has a hard time controlling her emotions. Sometimes they get so strong they make her sick. She’s also had a hard time adapting to social situations. Her only comfort is her dream – a boy that visits her every night. This started when she was a child and he has aged as she does.

Her emotions are tested when she moves to California and to a new private school. She thought private schools would be better, but she finds out kids are the same everywhere. Then she meets her dream boy.

She discovers some amazing things and a few amazing friends and literally has to fight for her life on several occasions but through it all her dream boy is there with her.

I met Tiffany on Twitter (@authortiffany) and we chat now and again. She expressed interest in my stories, which naturally made me inclined to read hers – especially since she is essentially writing an urban fantasy. I’m really glad I got this book for my Kindle. I read it in one sitting, staying up until about four in the morning to get it done. The story itself is extremely compelling, the characters are well written and developed and I constantly wanted to know what happened next. The mystery of what Krista and her new friends were was well developed and well presented, revealing enough to keep the reader satisfied as the story progressed, but not so much that you figured out what was coming.

Tiffany’s writing style is engaging and fast paced. There were a few editorial issues but honestly, the last NYT #1 bestseller ebook I read had some typos too – it wasn’t a major detriment.

I’m looking forward to more in this series. Oh, and I just love the cover 🙂

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