Urgent Scooter, blue heeler, is missing.

My friend’s dog Scooter went missing from her home in Polvadera NM, just outside of Socorro on Friday night.  He was let out near San Lorenzo Canyon to go to the rest room and didn’t come back.  We think someone saw him, thought he was a stray and picked him up.  Please, if you have this dog, get him scanned for a microchip and return him to Allison. He is her best friend.  He is certainly not a stray.

“Scooter is 9 years old, about 40 pounds, mostly black with blue merle on his legs, belly, and around his neck. Lots of gray on his face, no tail. Is microchipped in my name, and was wearing a beat up old braided leather collar. Missing his right front canine.”

Two days prior his tag was torn off his collar and she hadn’t yet replaced it. He is microchipped.  Please please tell everyone you know about this, as the canyon is often traveled by tourists. He could be anywhere.  His owner has been searching the desert nearby and the town and she has not found him.  He’s a very savvy dog, so probably is not lost.

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2 Responses to Urgent Scooter, blue heeler, is missing.

  1. Sally A Wolf says:

    My prayers are with you for scooters safe return!

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