Friday Tea Time and Guest Blog with Becky of Calico Books

Welcome Becky.  I’m very excited to have you here today.  What  a great opportunity to hear from a local bookstore.

Thank you very much for having me here today, Julie. it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and all of your authorly friends during the last few months!
The biggest thing yet… is this series of Remote Author events we’re putting together, I think. So far, folks have been really excited about it and I love that it’s a brand new way for folks to get together to talk, meet, and greet over books (and book related crafts!). I think that the best thing about book signings, author events, or even book-blogs is that people are all talking about and discussing books. What new books will we write? What books will we read next? How many bookcases do I need for my To-Be-Read stacks?
With Borders having filed for Chapter 11 and the rise in popularity (and availability) of eBooks and eReaders, I think that it’s really vital to be having these discussions. It would be a great shame, to me, if books of any format were discarded. Now that eBooks have hit the scene, I wish them the best of luck in their endeavors. I can’t do much, personally, to help them along with my store–but I can buy eBooks from my friends to read!
Both print and digital formats have their advantages and disadvantages. Honestly, I think that eBooks really help level the playing field for Independent Authors and Publishers. In this regard… I think they’re fantastic. Folks like Google are trying to make eBooks more accessible for Independent Bookstores to sell, but even if my shop is never able to sell eBooks on a regular basis… that’s not my goal. My goal is to create a community center that’s focused on books, reading, and creativity.
It’s because of this goal that I have local artists’ work on my walls and I’ve spoken with the local High School Art Teacher about doing exhibits for their classrooms in the shop. I started out as a Studio Art Major at CSU and I know how rough it can be trying to get your art up in a local store–or how intimidating. I’m more than happy to offer my shop as a vehicle for this and myself to be used as a reference for these students. I also can’t afford to hire anyone else (yet), but I happy take volunteers in exchange for references.
Books are bound volumes of creativity… whether in print form or digital. I’m happiest at the shop when a child has been able to find a book that sparks their interest and gets their attention. I might not like to personally read all the genres… but I am very happy for anyone who reads. There are various popular series that have come and gone in the public eye and no matter people’s general opinion of these series, I’m always happy to see that a set of books have turned someone on to reading who wasn’t previously interested. It’s a wonderful world and there’s plenty of room for everyone.
Happy Reading, Everyone!
You can find out more about Becky’s store at
And more about our remote author events here:
And because I’m exhausted and wish to be asleep 🙂 Sleepy Time Tea is our tea of the day.  It’s great stuff, relaxing chamomile, spearmint and lemon grass combine with other herbs to create a very nice before bed tea.
Also, I’m blogging here today.  I’d love it if you stopped by and said hi.
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9 Responses to Friday Tea Time and Guest Blog with Becky of Calico Books

  1. Becky, we writers are grateful for all the support you give us and your creative ideas for promoting art and literature!

    • Devin, I’m terribly thankful for the effort that writers and artists (perhaps one and the same?) put into their work! It’s a shame that once the book written, writers must now learn to market themselves… so I think it’s only right that I try to help that along as I can. 🙂

      The more I can do for writers… the more you can keep writing! 😀

    • Thanks for dropping in Devin. Becky is pretty great isn’t she 🙂

      Tammy thanks for dropping in.


  2. Livy Parker says:

    I love this!! Keep up the good work, Becky:)

    Oh, and you too, Julie 😉

  3. What an interesting guest blog. Very kind of Becky to share her insight with us. I enjoyed reading it. You are one busy lady Julie! 🙂

  4. Thank you very much, Livy and Patricia!

    Julie is *crazy* busy and I think she makes me look like I’m slacking off… 😉 Time for more work! lol I can’t wait for April 23rd–it’s going to be a smashing event with Julie!

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