Friday Tea Time and Special Guest Mr. DeLaney – living with a writer.

Living with a writer.

This interview begs the question… what is it like to live with a writer?  I know that would be an essay all on its own so I’ll try and break this down into a few questions.  First off, thanks for stopping in today.  I know I’m very interested to see what you have to say.  It might give me some insight into what the Irish Sailor has to deal with.

First, let me say thank you for having me.  This is my first interview so if I overstep some mystical boundaries, well you can (or have Seleste) lash me to some medieval torture device off-screen.  So lets get to it!

Was Seleste a writer when you first started dating her?

If so did you know it?

If not, what do you think prompted her to start writing?

Seleste has always had a bit of the writing bug in her.  When we first met it was more of the short story / poetic variety—some of which I got to read, others I was banned from ever talking about in public under threat of death by aforementioned devices.  Suffice to say she is most definitely the more creative of us, and I am glad to see our kids got that part of the gene pool.

What sort of impression did you have of writers before you got to know Seleste as a writer?

Great question!  I always considered writers to be these book worms who lived more in their own minds than the everyday person, social misfits who figured out how to make a ton of money.  If a writer got published then it must be easy street right?  Well, that got turned upside down quick, especially after we began to make some friends in the industry and really got a decent understanding of how the basics work.

What sort of impression do you have of writers now?

Now that I am a tad bit more versed in how things happen, personal opinion is being a writer has got to be one of the toughest career choices I have ever run across.  The hours that a person soaks into the writing, edits, subs, re-edits etc. is just insane.  A person has to be truly committed (and more than likely a little insane) to really make a go of it in this industry.  I am in utter awe everytime I see how much goes on behind the scenes.

What sort of compromises have you had to make to allow Seleste her writing time?

Compromise is the name of the game I think.  Overall, more than anything she needs her space, both physical and time and a pretty good allotment of both.  That was probably the most challenging thing for me at least to wrap my mind around.  Other than that being supportive is the best thing I can think to do for her.  This is her career, and I’ll do what it takes to support and help her succeed.

What is the weirdest thing about living with a writer?

Plot bunnies….

They show up at the strangest times.  And when they do?  Well, they can lead to some extremely strange conversations.  Sometimes it can be rather entertaining to see where she goes with them.  One minute her WIP is going in one direction and the next she takes off on a completely different tangent.  I am pretty sure her laptop has suffered whiplash from some of those manuevers.

What is the hardest thing about living with a writer?

Distractions.  They are all over the place!  Don’t get me wrong I like my distractions as much as the next guy. However, sometimes when the conversation stops mid-sentence and the pen whips out to jot something down, I have to wonder if I just said something brilliant or stupid to be integrated with the next tome.

What is the easiest thing about living with a writer?

Life is always interesting.  Imagination is a wonderful thing, and it really has a way of working into our actual lives.  Given some of the genres that Seleste writes in I personally find this quite useful, especially when we need to prove out some of her writing points for ummmm plausability.

Has living with a writer ever made you want to start writing?

When Seleste first started to get serious about writing I thought maybe.  Then I got to see what it really meant.  Yeah, that idea so went out the window.  Really,  I have a hard enough time gluing a few coherent sentences together much less make it interesting.  I am the kind of guy that tells a joke and people walk away from the water cooler.

Did you read much before you married Seleste?  Do you read much now?

Umm, Yes?  I tend to read in waves I will go through a plethora of books or a couple of series for a while, then get distracted with life and not pick anything up for months.  Sometimes I will have 4-6 going at a time and others none at all.

Who are your favorite authors?

I will start with the standard fair like Tolkein and Asimov, at least those got me hooked on most of my early reading.  Generally speaking some of the more notables I like to read include Card, Weis/Hickman, Salvatore, Jordan, Rice, and Lawhead.  Of course a new author that I just finished reading (and loved) was Allison Pang, and this list would not be complete with Seleste deLaney simply because she writes some fantastic stuff too (no Janelle you cannot have Max yet).

I know my boyfriend is convinced I’m insane.  Do you think Seleste is insane?  Is it because she’s a writer or do you think she is a writer because she is crazy? (That only applies if you think Seleste’s as much of a nut job as the Irish Sailor thinks I am.)

How to put this into words.  Yes, I do think that she might be a bit touched in the head.  In only the best of ways of course.   I think the writing is a love and outlet for her unbound creativity.  It allows her a way to express herself, that most of us just can’t quantify or fathom.  Am I biased?  Eh, you betcha.  Do I care? Eh, not really.  I think she is fantastic and being a bit off center only adds to the draw.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about living with a writer?

The only thing I would like to add is that living with an author can be an extremely delightful thing.  Life will more than likely be a bit emo upon occasion, but hey who wants everything the same all the time.  Be patient, make sure your writerly S.O. has their space when they need it, don’t take it personally when they start to talk to themselves instead of you, and most importantly be as supportive as possible. After all you never know when you might be needed to help prove out some plausability for that next scene.

You can find Seleste’s latest projects by visiting her at


The special insight Mr. Delaney has shared with us today calls for a special tea.  This is one of my all time favorites.  Lucile’s house tea.  It is an extremely tasty orange spice black tea. The flavor is intense – orange, and cinnamon and cloves, blended with black tea.  I’m not doing it justice.  You’ll just have to try some for yourself.

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39 Responses to Friday Tea Time and Special Guest Mr. DeLaney – living with a writer.

  1. Awwww, honey, you say the sweetest things. Now where did I put my straightjacket? 😉

  2. Livy Parker says:

    Very sweet interview 🙂

  3. Gareth says:

    LOL, are we sure that poor Mr Delaney wasn’t put into the aforementioned impliments and told what to write?

    Seriously great interview and a great bit of fun to liven up a Friday Tea Time (at least in the UK as a I write this.)

  4. Casi says:

    I’m bookmarking this, and sharing it if I ever get serious about a guy. Really. It’s cute and funny and I can see where it’s entirely true. Even if I’m not published, I’m completely prone to randomly whipping out my pen and jotting down notes. I also admit to being crazy.

    Congrats on living with her, and congrats to Seleste for finding him.

  5. An absolutely delightful interview! Just wonderful. (I’m bookmarking it, too!)

  6. Sally A Wolf says:

    This is a great interview. I always wonder if I ever made it as a writer how would my husband respond as he doesn’t like to read any of my work at all. I hope that he is as benevolent and understanding as you.

  7. jlwylie says:

    Awesome interview! I’m so making my husband read this!

  8. Janelle says:

    *pouts* So when -do- I get him?

    Great interview! :o)

    I will only say this: I -really- hope (for both of you) that you did not “prove the plausibility” of a certain scene. ‘Cause, yeah…. I’ll stop now…. ;o)

  9. T. Crosby says:

    What a fantastic post! Congrats to the Mr and the Wolf.
    This was so honest and funny. Mr Delaney me thinks you are a writer at heart, or rather you have a writer at heart? 😉
    Thank you so much for sharing with us your view from the ‘other’ side.

  10. Love this interview! It’s so great to hear about the view from the other side. I’m blessed to have a supportive man at my side that helps proof read and brainstorm with me. He got home the other night and I said, so I was on Twitter asking for good places to dump a body, he gave me three choices without batting an eye. That’s love!

  11. Heidi says:

    Good post.

    I’m totally jealous because my partner doesn’t quite understand that I need time and space to write but complains that I haven’t published anything yet. I try to explain but it doesn’t seem to compute. But thanks to this post maybe there’s hope after all, I’ll try and get him to read it.

    Thanks both of you for sharing this.

    • Good luck! I hope this post helps him to understand. And good luck with your journey towards publication.

      Thanks for dropping in.


    • Mr_Delaney says:

      Hopefully it works out for you! I took a peek at your blog, and Seleste writes a lot at night as well so we understand the timing challenges. If financials allow a netbook may not be a bad option small, portable can still be serviceable. Just an idea. Best of luck and thank you for stopping by!

  12. Lisa Forget says:

    You have a gem of a hubby Seleste.
    Thank you for this heartwarming inteview!
    🙂 Lisa

  13. I absolutely love this interview! For my mom and sister, the “living with a writer” thing is probably often a pain, at least when said writer is working on something. It goes a bit like this:

    *Tentative knock at my door* “Jess, can I. . .”

    “GO OUT I’M WRITING!” said exactly as it looks. No comma. And yes, oddly “go out” is my usually phrase lately.

    Also, this sentence cracked me up: “Given some of the genres that Seleste writes in I personally find this quite useful, especially when we need to prove out some of her writing points for ummmm plausability.” Heh. I think I know what he means.

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