Tuesday Teaser with J.A. Campbell

This one is from Senior Year Bites.  A little taste of what you’ll get to read when the novel is released from Decadent Publishing later this year.


“Meg?” Alexander whispered, standing close.

His proximity was not helping my control.

“Sorry.” My voice was harsh.

“Are you Okay?”

“No.” I drew out the word, my voice low, hoping he would back off.

“Okay.” He nodded, seeming to understand.

I pointed towards the strongest concentration of glamour and he brushed past me. He touched my bare arm and snapped my control. I him shoved against a stack of pallets, my body pressed against his, trapping him, teeth on his neck, hand tangled in his hair as I wrenched his head backwards, all before I even registered that I had moved.

“Megan!” he cried out again, voice strangled through the awkward angle of his throat.

I gasped, trying to regain control—body shaking with need, desire, and fear.

I finally wrenched myself away from him, falling to my knees on the rubble-strewn ground, gasping, trying not to cry in horror of what I’d almost done.

“Meg,” Alexander said softly.

I had expected anger, not concern.

“What,” I managed to say.

“It’s not your fault. I think it’s the glamour. He knows a vampire is after him now. I shouldn’t have touched you.”

I shook. “I don’t know if I can fight that.” My voice sounded weak, afraid.

“You can. I can help shield you as well. Now that we know.”

I wasn’t sure I believed him, wasn’t sure it wasn’t my own lack of control that was causing the problem. I knew what his blood tasted like, and it was good. I couldn’t deny that I wanted more. I also couldn’t help but notice how nice it had felt, pressed up against him, my teeth on his neck.

I groaned and buried my face in my hands, pulling my attention away from impure thoughts about my best friend’s boyfriend. Damn it. I hoped he couldn’t tell what I was thinking about.

“If you need to leave, I can go alone.” The arrogance was back in his voice.

I wasn’t sure if he did it on purpose, but that pissed me off enough to regain control of myself.

I growled at him.

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3 Responses to Tuesday Teaser with J.A. Campbell

  1. FUN stuff! Can’t wait to read more. When’s the release date? Love the title, the tone, the teaser… looking forward to buying the book!

  2. Thanks Rusty! I don’t have an exact release date for Senior Year Bites yet, but it should be in the next few months.

    The short story series comes out March 8th and my other young adult fantasy Arabian Dreams will be August 1st.

    Thanks for dropping in!


  3. T. Crosby says:

    You ARE a tease! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your stuff get released and I look forward to it. 🙂

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