Book Review – Origins by Sean Hayden

In a world where vampires are legal, Ashlyn is still a freak. She has claws and fangs and crazy powers she doesn’t understand – and was born that way.  In her world vampires are always created, never born.  So she knows she is different.  Her mother died when she was born, and her aunt has cared for her all her life, keeping her hidden away from the world.  A tragic accident and Ashlyn’s hunger finally force her out into the night.  Her first experience finding sustenance – because normal human blood just wont do – brings her to the attention of the FBI.  They recognize her amazing potential and recruit her to the special supernatural unit.  Now Ashlyn has a little help as she struggles to discover her amazing powers and fight Chicago’s master vampire.  She makes mistakes along the way, but she learns and grows with them.

Origins is a fun, fast paced, different take on the young adult urban fantasy genre. If you like vampire stories, you’ll love Origins.

I really enjoyed this story.  The only fault I really found with it, is that some of the descriptions are a little too step by step – or maybe just a little too detailed about things we could have inferred.  However, that may just be a personal preference.  As I noted above, the pace is fast, the story believable within the world it is set in, and it is a different take on the modern urban fantasy story.

It is available from Echelon Press as an eBook and soon in print.

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