Teaser Tuesday with J. A. Campbell

This teaser is from Arabian Dreams 3.  I wrote 3 books in the Arabian Dreams series.  It just happens that books 1, 2 and the tidbit of 3 I wrote will never be used in their current form.  I rewrote Arabian Dreams last year, and that is the version that is getting published.  I still love the original stuff though and hope I can find a way to use some of the material.  And for all the Galen fans out there… I have plans for him.


Anna ducked down over Sabaska’s neck, holding on for dear life.  Branches from trees snagged at her clothing and pulled at her hair, the chill winter wind chapped her bare face and chilled her sweat soaked skin through her sweater.  The ground flew by underneath and Anna concentrated on keeping herself centered over her horse’s surging back as Sabaska dodged trees at a full gallop.

It was by far the most terrifying and exhilarating thing she had ever done, at least until they reached their first fence.

Sabaska sent a mental imagine of a fence to Anna, and even with that warning, Anna wasn’t quite prepared for the four-foot leap bareback.  She managed to stay on, no doubt largely due to her partner’s skill and then they were off across open pasture.

There were more fences, and Anna almost felt like a pro by the time they made it to the outer fence of Marcus’s pasture.  Sabaska skidded to a halt, almost sitting down, leaves and dirt flying as she went from a dead run to a halt in less space than it should have been possible.

“What’s wrong?”

Sabaska tossed her head and danced in place.


Sabaska touched her nose gently to a spot in the air.

Anna reached out and could feel something tingle.

“Is that like a magic wall?”

Sabaska nodded.

“Great, how do we get in?”

Sabaska cocked her head to once side, contemplating the wall then looked back at Anna, the picture of the ancient dagger Galen had given her forming in her mind.

“That will cut it?”

Sabaska nodded.

Anna drew the other dagger, mourning the loss of its mate and stabbed at the air.  The quiet nighttime air rippled and Anna dragged the dagger downward trying to make a hole.  There was resistance, which surprised her and it was hard, but finally the ward seemed to shriek, a sound just on the edge of hearing that made the hair on the back of Anna’s neck rise and the invisible wall collapsed.

Anna wasn’t quite sure how she knew that something she couldn’t even see was now gone, but it was and Sabaska leapt forward, barely giving Anna time to sheath her dagger and regrab mane.

Anna jumped from Sabaska’s back when they reached the closed barn doors and threw them open.  Two dull-eyed mares, one black as night and the other white as a swan gave her surprised looks as she and Sabaska raced down the isle way towards their stalls.

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2 Responses to Teaser Tuesday with J. A. Campbell

  1. pfrsue says:

    Awesome snippet, Julie! (I know from experience, when riding bareback, ALWAYS be ready to grab mane. LOL!!!!) I’m totally looking forward to more!


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