Special Update Echelon’s Electric Shorts

No, not boxers or briefs… stories! Short ones designed specifically for kids seven to seventeen.  Yeah, I’m part of this 🙂  Check it out!


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8 Responses to Special Update Echelon’s Electric Shorts

  1. Mardel says:

    I read the article – pretty cool idea. There are many, many reluctant readers in school – especially boys. Books like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid are doing a lot for these kids. I’ve seen more boys that would normally pretend to read actually reading these than ever before.

    I can’t wait to see what you and the others come up with. 🙂

  2. I’m super excited about it. There are a lot of really cool sounding stories involved 🙂

    Thanks for dropping in.


  3. Livy Parker says:

    Oh yay Julie!!!! Congrats!

    What a great concept – can’t wait to read it 🙂

  4. That’s awesome, Julie. What an exciting project to be a part of.

  5. Bea says:

    It sounds neat. I hope it works to attract new readers.

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