Dependent upon technology

I had a very interesting experience over the last few days.  I had a computer problem I couldn’t fix.  Since I started working in the computer world back in college, I haven’t encountered a problem I couldn’t fix.  Part of this is because I learned enough to get myself out of trouble.  Mostly I was just really careful.  I am not a computer guru, but I can work on desktops pretty well, a little on laptops and I can fix software issues.  This has kept me from having to rely on assistance until now.

On Thanksgiving I was merrily typing away.  I got up to go do something, and came back about a half an hour later to an inoperable computer.  I’ll spare the details, let’s just say it wouldn’t stay on.  Rather odd.  May have been a bad power adaptor, maybe it was overheating, I don’t know.  Friday I braved the crowds and picked up a new power supply.  This worked for one day, then Saturday my laptop was back to being inoperable.  I pretty much had a heart attack.  I’m a writer, that’s what I do with my time.  Without a computer I am mostly screwed.  Now, I have a 1930’s or 40’s typewriter that works, but it is hard to write without a spell checker when your spelling is as awesome (heavy sarcasm) as mine is.  Still, that’s sort of an option.  Some people say, well, write by hand for a while.  Sigh… I wish I could.  Wrist injury keeps me from writing much by hand, also prevents long hours at a real typewriter.  Doom I say.

So, In a panic I found a cheap netbook, yay for black Friday sales.  Unfortunately I had to order it.  So, I’m still without a computer until at least Wednesday.  Good thing is, I can temporarily share with my boyfriend.  Bad thing is, that can’t be a permanent solution based on how much time we both have to spend at our computers.  I was stuck, I had to buy a computer of some sort.  I also have a friend who is a computer guru who is going to try and fix my sister’s laptop for me.  I think that problem is going to be easier to fix than my poor deceased laptop’s problem.  Then I’ll have a laptop and a netbook.  Yay for backups.  Boo for time crunches.

That started me thinking on how dependent on technology I am.  I am addicted to writing.  I admit it.  I’ll go a day or two without working on a novel or story but not usually more than that.  My dependence on a keyboard is frustrating.  I don’t like being dependent on things.  Of course I’m totally addicted to my smart phone and having the internet and email always with me.  I could do without the phone part of my smart phone though.  I like talking to people, but I’ve been without phone before and it’s kinda nice.  High speed internet at home is a must.  Those are my tech addictions.  What sorts of technology are you addicted too?

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7 Responses to Dependent upon technology

  1. Interesting. It definitely reminds one to do backups all the time. I’m also addicted to my desktop, and use my lappy when I’m travelling or just sitting in bed and being lazy. But, I can’t imagine a failure like that happening. It’s a nightmare that we don’t think about happening when we’re working. Let’s hope these things don’t happen frequently! Glad you’ve got a backup to work on. 🙂

  2. LOL – I’ve seen it happen so many times. That’s why I have all my backups. Thanks for stopping by Pat!


  3. Nicole says:

    My tech addition? Um… there is too much. Let me sum up.

    I am a tech junkie. End of story.

  4. Liane says:

    I’ll say this – I am only addicted to technology when I am in front of it or have it near me. I did fine this summer when we were on the road for almost 3 months with only an occasional email and facebook check. Now that I am working from home all day long I am addicted to any kind of distraction, and technology is a GIANT source of distraction (especially when you are using it on a daily basis for work as well).

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